2016 Auction Preview



Ernest Hemingway: A New Life, a new biography of ‘ Papa' by James M. Hutchisson (more info here: http://www.psupress.org/books/titles/978-0-271-07534-1.html)

Life Magazine with Ernest Hemingway on the cover - July 14, 196.  – Donated by Papa Charlie Bicht.



Two bottles of Pozos wine from Vineyard in Uco Valley, Argentina.  Donated by Dick Wells.


The Pilar in a Pilar Rum Bottle made by David Hemingway.  Donated by Papa Tom Grizzard.


16x20" Acrylic Painting, 'Fidel and Ernest'– painted and donated by Papa Wally Collins

Two 30x40 'three musketeers 2016 Poster on canvas. Signed and numbered Canvas Prints of this year's contest poster– painted and donated by Papa Wally Collins

16x20 Acrylic painting,'Fidel and Ernest'....2- 30x40 'three musketeers 2016 Poster on canvas

Hemingway Portrait – Donated by Pat Lanier

Weareable art....XL t shirt with over two hundred cartoons of Hemingway Days Festivals...another shirt with a new look cartoon of the Old Man and the Sea    Donated by Papa Ron Thomas.

Graphite Illustration of Georgio Fuentes (Papa's Capt of the Pilar) by Papa Ron Thomas – Donated by David Hemingway

Graphite Illustration ofthe Pilar by Papa Ron Thomas. – Donated by David Hemingway.

Painting of Key West Beach Scene. – Donated by Gail Nault

Painting of Sloppy Joes. – Donated by Gail Nault


Fishing Vest signed by the Papa's – Donated by Pat Lanier

Hemingway magazine and stamps – Donated by Pat Lanier

When Hemingway lived in Cuba he ordered food products from Maison Glass in New York. The same company is still in business.  The have put together a sampling of one of Hemingway's orders from 1957.  ITEMS: Hero Black Cherry Jam Hero Blueberry Jam Lingonberry Preserves Rose Petal Jelly Bar le Duc Wilkins Black Currant Mackarel Smoked Rainow Trout Trout Pate` Bisque of Crab Soup Bisque of Lobster Soup Horseradish Sauce Sun Brand Major Grey Chutney Sun Brand Curry Powder.    Donated by Hank Wielgosz.

60" X 60" Quilt with Key Lime Pie inspired colors and designs. Donated by George Metcalf

An Ernest Hemmingway 16" X 16" portrait pillow. Donated by George Metcalf

Dinner and cocktails for 8 with Captain Michael and Paula Deen.  Donated by Michael Groover and Paula Deen.

Ashtray from La Floridita, one of Papa Hemingway's favorite Havana bars. Acquired at the bar. Includes a Montecristo Platinum Series cigar.  – Donated by Wayne Raffesberger

Ashtray from La Bodeguita del Medio. Acquired at the bar. Includes a Montecristo Platinum Series cigar.  – Donated by Wayne Raffesberger