2005 Winner Bob Doughty

2005 Winner: Bob Doughty

With 13 being Bob’s lucky number, 13 friends in tow for the weekend, #13 on a lotto ticket purchased Saturday evening, and after 13 years of trying for the coveted title, Bob was hoping this was his night. Lo and behold…Bob Doughty was named Papa 2005 at the 25th annual Hemingway Days Festival. He beat out wannabes from all over the U.S. and from South Africa, Hungary, Ireland, and Puerto Rico. Wearing his cream-colored turtleneck sweater in the 90 degree heat, one of Bob’s first comments upon winning was, “It means I can forget the sweater.”

A Florida mailman, Bob said his favorite Hemingway book is The Old Man and the Sea.

The first night after his win, Bob remembers, “The hotel had a bottle of champagne chilling in our room and all our new and old friends at the Eden House greeted me with loud cheers and applause. Unfortunately, it was after pool hours and several new acquaintances took the noise level to a new height. The police were called. Not to worry; my PR people handled the situation.”

Interviews, photo shoots, news reporters, and congratulations thrilled Bob. Then he saw the local paper’s article from their interview with him. “They had a picture and article of the winner―Bob Doughty―only it was Mike Stack’s (Papa 2003) picture.”

To the wannabes, Bob says, “Patience, perseverance, and fun!”