2009 Winner David A. Douglas

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2009 Winner: David A. Douglas

“I could not believe my ears. I was in shock. Eight years of emotions flowed through my body. As I joined the other Papas on stage, I was still loaded with emotions and disbelief of this great accomplishment.” That’s how David Douglas remembers the moment he was announced Papa 2009. 

David’s interest in the contest began when family and friends saw a life-size poster of Hemingway and commented on his resemblance to the author. After getting the details of the contest, he decided to enter and was in Key West for the 2002 contest, and each year thereafter.

2009 was the year David brought his very supportive, and really excited, family. Wanting to be great supporters, they needed to be sure they had plenty of t-shirts, fans, and cozies.  Now the questions was, “How do we get 350 shirts to Key West?” We can send them FedEx for $475 or we can pack them in additional suitcases and pay $250 for the additional airline baggage. Thanks to the airlines, the shirts made it to Key West and David’s kids started giving out shirts and promoting their dad. It worked, too.          

David appreciates all the people who walked with him “along the path of this wonderful journey” and says it should “be about having fun, creating great friendships, experiencing the feeling of camaraderie, and assisting with a great scholarship program.”