2010 Winner Charles Bicht

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2010 Winner: Charles Bicht

I first learned about the Hemingway Look-a-Like contest in the early 90’s. Friends and family started saying I looked like Hemingway and I should enter the contest.  It wasn’t until 1997 that I decided to go to Key West for the competition.  As fate would have it I read in the newspaper that the entire festival was cancelled because of a conflict with the Hemingway family.  Extremely disappointed, we cancelled our plans.  I found out later that the problem was resolved and the festivities continued on as scheduled. It wasn’t until 1999 that we began our trek to Key West for the competition. That year we met a lot of people who are still our friends today. I made it to the finals that year, WOW, was that exciting. Over the years as a contestant I think the most exciting part has been making it to the finals and being on stage on Saturday night. There is no place like being at Sloppy Joe’s on the third Saturday of July!

For eleven years I stood on Green Street outside Sloppy Joe’s waiting for the winner’s name to be called.  Each year, with a little disappointment for myself but a great excitement for the winner, I would gather my loyal family and friends who were always there to support me and we would find a good restaurant to have a final meal for the year in Key West.

This year was a little different.  I felt more relaxed and comfortable.  I knew if it was meant to be, my time would come.  I always enjoyed the competition but as the years rolled by I was enjoying the camaraderie more and more.  When the winner was announced, it was my name I heard, I couldn’t believe it.  I had watched so many friends run up onto the stage and now it was my turn.  What a feeling.  It’s mind boggling. 

I look forward to assisting the Look-A-Like Society achieve its goals and developing new and stronger friendships with my fellow Papas and Mamas.